Fusilli with red sauce and tuna

  • Ingredients

    • Fusilli (spirals) – 250gr
    • Peeled tomatoes – 300 gr
    • A medium onion
    • Extravirgin olive oil – 30 ml
    • Seedless black olives – 40gr
    • Seedless green olives – 40gr
    • Tuna flakes drained of oil– 70gr
    • Mascarpone 30gr
    • Salt, Vegeta universal spice mix, pepper, basil, hot chili peppers, granulatd garlic, bay leaf, sugar.
  • How to prepare

    Boil the spirals in salty water.
    Saute a finely chopped onion into extravergin olive oil.
    Add the peeled tomatoes and let it boil.
    Season to taste.
    Add the sliced olives.
    Add the drained tuna.
    Add a spoonful of sugar, stir and turn off the heat.

fusilli 1 Fusilli with red sauce and tuna
fussini ton Fusilli with red sauce and tuna