Sam Mills Quality

Sam Mills has an integrated system of quality which guarantees its clients and consumers the quality and alimentary safety of its products.

Relying on the research, innovation and quality of its products, Sam Mills guarantees its clients healthy high-quality products, helping them to choose a balanced diet.

The quality and alimentary safety of each lot of products is controlled and monitored daily in the company’s own laboratory, through control activities carried out from the reception of raw materials to the final consumer.

Having the necessary equipment and qualified staff, the laboratory controls and monitors all the activities required for the quality control and the gluten content of our products as well.

The following types of analysis take place in our laboratory:

  • Physico-chemical analysis of raw materials (corn and wheat)
  • Physico-chemical analysis of finite products (corn and wheat)
  • gluten analysis for pasta, using the Elisa method, with a precision of 3 ppm