Man Ro

Man Ro Factory started its activity in 2005 as a member of the Sam Mills group, having 14 employees.
The main activity is obtaining corn oil by pressing corn germ supplied by Sam Mills mill.

The processing capacity is of 850 tons of corn germ out of which 150 tons of oil are extracted daily.

Corn oil preserves its taste, flavour and nutrients because it is obtained by cold pressing. It can be used for frying meat or potatoes.

Unlike the oils that are extracted chimically and then refined, unrefined corn oil is formed of simple, natural lipids, unfragmented by chemical processes.
As a result, corn oil can be used for frying more times than refined oils and it does not alter the taste of food from one frying to the other.

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Corn oil is distributed by Sam Mills Distribution under the ARPIS brand.

Manner of presentation:
Weight: 0,5 lt
Shelf life: 12 months

Starting with 2013, Man Ro factory is diversifying its activity with soy beans processing in order to obtain full soy fat.The monthly capacity of full fat production is 600 tons.
Soy full fat and corn germ meal are used for fodder production, controlled by Sam Mills Feed.