Sam Mills Feed

In 2013 Sam Mills Group opens a new modern factory whose profile is controlled forage production under the name of Sam Mills Feed.

It is a major investment in collaboration with European funds, resulting a superior production unit with two production lines and the latest equipment.

The unit has two granulating lines with a daily production capacity of 500 tons.

Due to the independence of the lines, the factory has the possibility to produce a wide range of forage for different animal breeds:

  • poultry
  • ruminants
  • swine

Sam Mills Group provides the majority of the raw material based on grain, which allows the factory to have good control over the quality of the products and to preserve this quality in time.

The quality of the raw materials and finite products is monitored daily through tests in the company’s modern laboratory with qualified personnel.

The tests carried out in the laboratory refer to: fat, crude protein, ash, humidity, cellulose and mycotoxin load.

Sam Mills Feed provides farmers with technical support, at request, namely veterinarians who help the farms reach their highest performance.

The majority of the production is delivered in bulk with the company’s own tank waggons (Sam Cargo) the company having high control over the delivery time and customer service.

SamFeed2 Sam Mills Feed

SamFeed4 Sam Mills Feed

SamFeed5 Sam Mills Feed

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SamFeed8 Sam Mills Feed

SamFeed3 Sam Mills Feed

Sam Mills Feed also distributes its own pre-packed products:

  • bags of 25 kg and 40 kg
  • bags of 10 kg
  • bags of 5 kg

bag Sam Mills Feed